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    Remember, past performance is not a guide to how well the fund might do in the future.

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    The value of an investment can go down as well as up and isn't guaranteed. That means you could get back less than you put in. How well a fund performs in the past isn't a guide to how well it will perform in future.

    About our fund series:

    • S4 refers to a Series 4 fund. These funds are only available through the Retirement Wealth Account.
    • S3 refers to a Series 3 fund. These funds are only available through contracts issued after 6 April 2006, apart from contracts issued as the Retirement Wealth Account or The One from Winterthur.
    • If you have a pension that started between 14 October 2003 and 5 April 2006, you can access Series 1 and Series 2 funds. But where there's a Series 2 fund available, you must use that version.

    We've taken reasonable care when putting together this information, but it isn't warranted as accurate or complete. AXA Wealth accepts no liability for loss if you rely on this information to make decisions.