• 07 March 2017

    Welcome to Phoenix

    Find out a little more about Phoenix, and why you and your clients are still in good hands.

    We've been talking with many of you and understand you may be wondering about what the sale of AXA Wealth to Phoenix means to you and your clients. We want to tell you a little about Phoenix, the company that AXA Wealth is now part of, and reassure you that you are still in good hands: 

    • We specialise in managing closed life assurance and pension policies and our mission is to improve returns for policyholders.
    • The Phoenix Group is the largest UK consolidator of closed life assurance and pension funds.
    • We are a FTSE 250 company which manages £74bn of assets for 6.1m clients (at 1 January 2017).
    • Our roots date back to 1782 (Phoenix Assurance).

    What makes us different?

    Because we don't have to chase new clients, we are able to focus all our energy and expertise on improving performance outcomes for the clients we already have.

    Our focus on closed business also means stability for you and your clients, as you are now with a provider that has a long term commitment to nurturing the policies you recommended to your clients.

    Clients are at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to providing a high quality service built around their needs.

    Our size enables us to make significant investments to deliver against those commitments - through IT, customer communications initiatives, and a programme of ongoing customer research.

    Our commitment to you

    You chose to work with AXA Wealth for the same reason we chose to buy the business; we felt AXA Wealth were delivering some of the best client retirement solutions in the off-platform market, supported by award-winning customer services. So when we took over the management of your clients' policies, we made a commitment to keep you at the heart of everything we do.

    So, although later this year we plan to leave the AXA Wealth brand behind and move to Phoenix branding, we want to reassure you that we want to retain that value by continuing to:

    • support the same products that you've already chosen for your clients, allowing them to top up their investments and access their money as they'd expect
    • deliver the highest quality of customer service that you're used to
    • offer the same well governed, wide investment choice

    …So you can continue to rely on our products helping to deliver your clients' financial plans.

    Let's keep talking

    We will stay in touch to give you the information you need and clarify what you can expect from us in the areas above. We'll also continue to provide our usual product and service updates.

    We're keen to hear your thoughts, so please let us know if there's anything in particular that you'd like to discuss or that you'd like more information on - email us at welcometophoenix@axawealth.co.uk.

    As always, your customer services team are one call away if you need any help - just call them on the same number you're used to: 0345 129 9993.