• Elevate

  • Elevate is our online investment platform – the modern way for your adviser to look after your money. Think of it as online banking for your investments. It lets your adviser manage your investments securely and quickly all in one place. Put simply, it means one thing, joined up financial planning.As an online system, your adviser can give you access to log into your own account to keep an eye on your investments and view important statements and reports.

  • How can Elevate help me?

    • Bring all your investments together into one place.
    • Manage your money through a range of products – each with their own tax advantages.
    • Access a choice of investments, to match your own needs and attitude to risk.
  • Step 1. Choosing the products

    Sometimes called ‘product wrappers’, we have a range of products all with their own advantages to suit your different financial goals and situations.

    Which ones you choose depend on how much you’re looking to invest, your personal tax situation and how you want to use the money, for example, for an income in retirement.

  • Elevate General Investment Account

    Designed to be ideal for investing a lump sum and managing your Capital Gains Tax liabilities. With a large investment choice and no limit on how much you can invest

    Download the key features

  • Elevate Stocks & Shares Individual Savings Account

    Use your stocks & shares ISA allowance to invest in a tax-efficient environment. With a large investment choice. You can also transfer and consolidate your current and previous years’ ISAs.

    Download the key features

  • Elevate Pension Investment Account

    A personal pension that can help you build for your retirement and start to receive income. With a large investment choice. You also have flexibility to change your benefits and income as your needs change.

    Download the Elevate PIA guide

  • Managing your existing products and investments through Elevate

    If you have financial products and investments elsewhere, you may be able to manage these through Elevate and take advantage of Elevate’s large investment choice.

    • Certain bonds and pensions can be held and managed through Elevate without cancelling your original product.
    • Other investments, that cannot be managed through Elevate, can be recorded on your Elevate account so you can still see your whole investment portfolio in one place.

    Download our guide to investing with Elevate.

  • Step 2. Choosing the investments

    Investments are what you buy with the money in each product wrapper. There are many types of investments available ranging from investment funds to stock and shares.

    The types of investment you buy will depend on what you’re trying to achieve and how much risk you are willing to accept. Your adviser will talk you through this and you can change your investment choices, as your personal circumstances change over time.

  • More information about Elevate

    For more information about Elevate, how it works, the product wrappers and investment choices open to you, download Your guide to Elevate.

    You can also find information about charges by downloading Your guide to charges. Your adviser will let you know which charges apply to you.

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  • What is Elevate?

    The online investment system, where your adviser manages your investments quickly and securely online. This type of online investment system is sometimes known as a ‘wrap platform’.

  • What is a wrap platform?

    Think of it as online banking for financial advisers. Called a 'wrap platform' or simply 'platform', advisers use it to manage your investments and product wrappers.

  • What is a product wrapper?

    The products available on Elevate that your money is invested through, such as the Elevate ISA or Elevate Pension Investment Account. Sometimes known as simply ‘wrappers’.

  • Remember

    The value of investments can go down as well as up, and is not guaranteed. This means you could get back less than you invest.


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